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AgileAgenda 1.0.5 Build 0.0.51

  • Publisher:Agile Agenda
  • Version:1.0.5 Build 0.0.51
  • Operation System:Mac OS X
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AgileAgenda 1.0.5 Build 0.0.51Description

Air-based app that will help you manage you projects by creating task of what needs to be done
If you've used other project scheduling applications before, you may find AgileAgenda a bit confusing at first. This is because it brings a different focus to the scheduling process. Instead of dealing with spans of time and worrying about the start/end dates, AgileAgenda will create tasks of what needs to be done. By giving a priority and duration to those tasks, AgileAgenda will automatically calculate when they can occur based on resource availability.In other words, if you do this:· Enter Tasks· Set Priority and Durations· Assign the tasks to resourcesAgile Agenda will do this:· Figure out when tasks can happen· Estimate a project completion date· Deal with tasks finishing early or late

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